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Dorsey & Dorsey Engineering staff has been providing quality civil/site engineering services to public and private clients. From drainage and utility systems to military airfields and training ranges, our staff has served clients of all sizes, and in all capacities.   Our client's include developers, architects, municipalities, counties, authorities, states, and federal agencies including the Army, Air Force and Navy. Projects include site designs for family housing developments, office complexes, and commercial properties in both urban and rural settings.  Clients can rely on Dorsey & Dorsey for professional site engineering services. Recent projects include:
  • Site design for replacement of military family housing at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida;
  • Sewer and water connections to the local municipality;
  • Stormwater management design for the City of Mobile; and 
    Site engineering including security fencing, lighting, parking, and all site utilities.
    On every project, Dorsey & Dorsey combines technical expertise and experience with client understanding, a formula that has earned a reputation in the civil engineering industry as one of the best providers of quality engineering and planning services. Our staff's civil and site engineering occurs through a "big picture" planning perspective.  Our strength lies in our ability to create singular engineering solutions that coordinate regulatory constraints with the functional requirements of its clients. As a result, we are able to consistently provide innovative, yet affordable solutions tailored to the special needs of each client within budget and time restraints.
    Dorsey & Dorsey's civil engineering, planning and design capabilities including a myriad of specialty services such as:
    • Parking lots, roadway and street design
    • Utility (water and wastewater) design
    • Environmental impact studies
    • Drainage systems and retention/detention ponds
    • Traffic analysis and signal design
    • Pavement inspection, evaluation, and design
    • Stormwater quality systems
    • Alternative site analysis; and
    • Permits assistance and coordination (state, local, and federal)

    Additional services offered include construction layout, administration and inspection services, building design and renovation, and structures for water resource management.